The Purpose of Intent &The Purpose of Intention
Dna created intention locally, earth based, as a complexing (the evolution of complexity) in organizing bio-crystalline Animated Stellar Dusts' propensity for constantly enhancing its ability to sustain itself through time.
Enjoyment is in the formula as a postive emotional feedback loop.
Humans inherited the highest brain volume per body weight in the entire history of dna based earth life forms.
Denialated comotose hypnotized human psychicality is under evolutionary pressure to create solvency attitudes and to generate world wide the socialisation of survival aptitude (immortality) as a coherent synchronous response to sustaining the life we have inherited: a unified RESPECT FOR LIFE response to existence opportunity.
The Children we created to die are being informed of that destructive (passive) intent, internetedly, so that they can protect themselves from old paradigm limitation psychosis; a limitation attitude toward life... psychical virus used to procrastinate and avoid creating solutions to all danger faced by humanity.

Strangely, there is plenty of evidence to show that humans have adapted an agenda to remain confused, as truth and clarity would expose them as sucidal by intention; notice our general lack of immortality phd's coming out of pseudo higher education. Freedumb is dependent on a lack of clarity; if you were clear you would solve your deathwish, (aging for a prime example) and that would absorb every spare moment. Evolution is our consciousness opportunity.

I have built some templates for children who have limited expression rights on our digital democracy internet, and I teach them how to synchronously alter search engine results to achieve their immortality education internetedly. You can help that happen. The code word for searches about that intent is gLoOoVgElSe. That's google with LOVES interleaved between the letters.